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Hi! My name is Dillon Leonard, I am Kentucky born and raised Firefighter and Small Business Owner; my Wife and I investing Locally by acquiring and operating Friendly and Fair, Self-Storage Facilities across the State. 😄

We're looking to connect with local owners (like you!) as we seek to Buy Self-Storage Facilities across Kentucky. As a Family Owned and Operated Small Business, we believe in "making Business personal" and creating win-win deals while helping owners considering selling or retirement plan their exit in the way best suited

for their own personal goals; all while forming great friendships along the way.

I'd like to make you an no-obligation OfferI make Fair Offers, buy As-Is, can take over when it's right for you, and will handle the closing without Realtors, Fees, or Closing Cost. We can even discuss ways you could sell today and still receive Monthly Mailbox Money, with Interest!

If you're open to an Offer on your Storage Facility, I'd love the opportunity to meet with you in person and discuss how we can create a mutually beneficial arrangement to carry on the incredible business you've created.

Not Interested Today? No Problem! I want to Buy when you're ready to Sell; let's start a conversation and stay in touch. 😊

- Dillon M. Leonard

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